Friday, May 31

a week from home

i spent the week in penrith with a friend that i'v known for 15 years and it was as magical as it was when we were 9 and 10 except our laughter was now shared over boys and college instead of young teen magazines. time has changed us but not our relationship and i take comfort in the fact that this is one of the only stable and certain things in our lives right now.

Tuesday, May 14

papa k.

dear sweet anar
a few nights ago; your papa read you a book. once the story had ended, your papa shut the book, turned to mama and asked curiously, "are these authors on drugs?", to which your mama burst out into giggles. a few hours later, your papa fell into slumber with his arm cradling you like a protective, iron grip and your mama later remarked to me, "oh great, now i don't get anymore cuddles."