Monday, July 28

a pink fire

"can i bring the blanket?" "...yeah, why the hell not."
kate at sunset. she tripped over a dog, and protected a little girl from the monsters that come out in cold weather. 

Thursday, July 10

over the hill

an impromptu drive to picton for land scouting and kangaroo hopping. 

Thursday, July 3


evangeline, you are one and as wild as you are kind. like a sweet smelling sapling, you blossom in both the dark and damp and warm and golden. at one, you enjoy; the kitchen and everything in it (the hidden and the seen), waking up "lijah" every morning with a sound like a howler monkey (it's leah, but i'll take what i can get), the open mouthed "kissy", peanut butter sandwiches (square cuts only), "royals" by lorde, and the casual swiping of skin and scar tissue. you are the sun and moon and we are whole with you here and now.