Friday, April 4

daughters of the forest

on an airy saturday, i attended a photo shoot. i see the term "behind the scenes" as a way of holding moments that you don't want to forget in the crinkled palm of your hand and this one will be worth the small smile of remembrance when the present becomes future. sloshing through thick shrubbery and the constant fear of insect stings were the fundamentals of an adventure worth having– avoid white sneakers when such unexpected circumstances take your hand howling, "it'll be fun!" before leading you amongst the darkening trees and the soft farewell of the falling sun. 

Head pieces | GoddessFlora
Styling | LeGypsy

Wednesday, April 2

a small gift

today i received my small purchase from claire alice young's humble little store. not only is she a beautiful photographer, but she is selling vintage beauties for an amazing price. check out the store and send her on more adventures!