Thursday, July 4

the natural hospital birth of evangeline

just a brief warning, i'v blurred out the "nudity" in these photos for you squares. 

i witnessed the most beautiful and breathtaking moment of my life on june 23rd, 2013. i find it difficult to write this post, as i have read so many birth stories and all of them from the mothers point of view. i still cannot process what i have experienced, and if i could i don't think i would be able to recount it perfectly and with words on a computer screen. so instead, i have chosen to write to the sun and warmth in our lives like she has always been here for us to dote over. 

it is now the 4th of july and i grow so in love with this precious small thing more for every minute of every day you are here and i am there. i find myself weeping when i stare at you for too long murmuring, "you're so tiny" and "you're so lovely" and have to look away, only to be drawn back to you moments later like a leaf caught in the strongest current. we wrap our arms around your fragile body (too much or not enough?) and you sink into our veins like the roots of the deepest trees in an unkept and wild forest. i sometimes mistaken your cries for my lone-wolf as his and your howls are both filled with such anguish and sadness that i find myself clutching at my chest, willing you to stop and be content in our arms once more. our sweet sun child, we are taken aback by your grace and ever growing kind heart and will only ever wish for you to flourish. 

what's this? a personal birth video? that's madness! enjoy. warning: non-sexual nudity
the password is - the young sun

the natural hospital birth of evangeline r. from leah giselle on Vimeo.

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  1. this is so beautiful ♥ welcome to the world evangeline ♥ ♥