Sunday, December 22


i'd like to think that before i owned a "professional" camera, i was gifted with a pair of professional eyes. these photos were taken on a disposable camera when i was young– too young to realise what disposable meant. we had road tripped to qld with the family, compacted into an incredibly small car in the midst of an australian heatwave– and if you live in australia, you know what that means. after a day, it began to rain and it did not stop. the breeze was warm but the rain was cool and the days began to stretch like an old film reel. i laughed throughout the car ride home, entertaining my family singing songs i didn't know i knew. a week later, i laid down in my bed– and the rain stopped. 

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  1. The pictures are so pretty and simple. But just imagining how excited you would have been to see ducklings together, or seeing such a huge roller-coaster makes these 'simple' picture into something pretty special. Good stuff Leah :)